Monday, March 05, 2007

why hire a professional writer?

Everyone can write, right? Wrong. I know several people who teach at the post-secondary level, and they all bemoan the decline in the quality of student writing. We aren't being taught how to write well anymore, and it's reflected in the poor writing found in business materials, including business websites.

Hire a writer if you want it written right.

A good professional writer knows how to make words sparkle, and a good editor can catch embarrassing, unprofessional errors before they leave an unfavorable impression on your business's clients or customers.

Is there a right way to write? Yes and no. English rules for spelling, grammar, and style are flexible, and always evolving. But it's important to be aware of - and follow! - some long-standing fundamentals in spelling, grammar, and form.

A good writer or editor with a working knowledge of reputable style guides can choose a clean, consistent style of writing for your business, based on the type of image you wish to present - be it traditional, casual, scientific, cutting-edge, approachable, or irreverent.

The truth is, if your business depends on written material to attract or keep clients, you can't afford not to hire a professional writer.

copyright 2007, Michelle Lynne Goodfellow

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Egyptian Papyrus said...

Yes a proffesional write is the best for any site. I totally agree.. thanks for the article