Tuesday, June 05, 2007

have someone proofread your copy

No-one is immune from mistakes.

(Even me.)*

If your copy matters, have someone read it - preferably someone with knowledge of grammar and style. If they're not an English professor, at least they can still catch typos and point out confusing sentences.

If you can afford to hire someone to proofread for you, even better. A good pro can catch subtle errors like the one two sentences ago. (And if you have no idea what that error might be, you definitely need to hire someone!)

I was looking through some online employment wanted ads for freelance copywriters and editors on craigslist recently. I couldn't believe the number of typos I spotted - even when the writing was otherwise good.

I repeat: If your copy matters, have someone read it.

*A few of my friends who are writers or editors have pointed out errors in my blog copy. I am thankful to them!

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