Friday, October 19, 2007

low-cost marketing techniques - car signs

This post is part of a series, based on a talk I gave on the subject of inexpensive marketing techniques to the Toronto Chapter of Professional Organizers in Canada.

How do I market myself as a professional organizer? How do I market my professional organizing business?

Car signs

I first heard about professional organizer Karen Shinn (THE Downsizing Diva)'s success with her car sign last spring when we were working together on a volunteer project. Karen drives a silver VW bug, and has had a beautiful advertising decal put on her back window. Her logo graphic is amazing, as you can see if you check out her website.

I asked Karen to get up and tell the other organizers at this week's Toronto Professional Organizers in Canada meeting about her experiences with her sign. She pointed out the importance of advertising her website (THE Downsizing on her car: People who see her sign while driving don't have to write down a phone number, they only have to remember a catchy business name, and can later go to her website for more information about her services.

Karen has been connected with several new clients because of her sign, and has also had an offer to write a book about downsizing! She considers her decal one of the best (and least expensive) marketing moves she's ever made.

Perhaps the biggest drawback* of car signs - at least for professional organizers - is the possibility that they may embarrass clients when we are parked in their driveways. But if you have a fantastic logo and own a domain name, this strategy may still be a winner for you.

*Addendum (October 20, 2007): Karen says to add that "[t]here is another downside of having a car sign - you have to be on your best behaviour all the time. No cutting people off or driving carelessly - with a car sign, you're no longer an anonymous driver!"

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